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If your book sells, LuLu takes only a $2. 50 cut while you get $10 in revenue. I’m very impressed with LuLu’s rates and service and would recommend them to any potential author. However, if you really only want to use a service that’s absolutely free, there is another excellent option known as TradeBit. At TradeBit, you can upload your eBooks where the TradeBit community can find it and buy it. For hosting and selling your eBook for you, TradeBit charges absolutely nothing upfront, and when it sells you get 75% of the revenue. Again, this is a very fair deal considering that TradeBit absorbs the costs for hosting, promoting and selling your eBook on their site and with their existing traffic. Host Your Own eBooks and Take 100% of the ProfitThere is, of course, always the self hosting option. In this case, you would set up a blog or a website and provide your own eBooks for download through a payment system like Paypal and just offer your books in a simple format just like you would sell Amazon books on your own blog. The advantage to selling your own eBooks on your blog or website is that you set your own price and collect 100% of the profits. The disadvantage is that you’re starting at ground zero in attracting an audience and potential buyers.

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For example, it is possible for a trader to invest US $1,000 for a position of US $100,000, a 100:1 leverage.

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The Forex is the most liquid and transparent market in the world.

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Thousands of traders have influence over the forex trading markets, along with politics and economic events, so there is no way to predict which way the market will move.